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Rebecca's Story

I grew up in Sweden and ever since I was a child I have always questioned the importance of diet and its effect on health. I have memories of my mother telling me that we humans are not made to eat animals, and that we are plant eaters. As a child, I was given tips about health. I gave some of those tips a try, and they worked. Thus my interest of the importance of proper eating began. However, my trip to become a Nutritionist was a long one. It began during adolescence when I was diagnosed with IBS and I knew even then that medications were not the answer. Since then I have tampered with different diets while always being up to date with the latest findings on nutrition and health. I became a vegetarian at a very young age. I started to recognize signals that my body gave me, after consuming certain foods. After a few changes in my lifestyle, I became completely symptom free from IBS. All on my own, all by just changing my dietary lifestyle. My goal in life became much clearer. I wanted to help people with their health.

Before my studies as a Nutritionist in Australia, I wanted to travel, meet people and experience other cultures. I travelled the world and worked on various cruise ships. It was fantastic and a great learning experience. Today, I have visited nearly 40 countries and over 60 cities. I can truly say that I have experienced different cultures in terms of lifestyle, dietary intake and health.

Long-term challenges for me: To boost the quality of living for individuals through sustainability, promote healthy living and disease prevention. Today my lifestyle is completely plantbased and my passion has always been to make people feel better about themselves while adopting a natural approach. I do not work with supplements or other unnatural resources. My approach is natural, to help you with what nature has given us. Together we can heal from the inside out by resources meant for us herbivores.

My life has always been in sports symbiosis with fitness and natural methods when it comes to health. Health is key when it relates to the physical and mental well-being, which is why I am where I am today.