When you make an appointment for an online consultation, you will find few questions that I want you to answer. These questions are related to the examination of you that I can not do online. The body gives us constant signals about what goes on inside, so these questions are very important. For example, I ask about these signs:

Tongue: This can be seen as an inner body's window. For example the tip of the tongue belongs to the heart and the left side is connected to the liver. A fresh tongue should be soft, smooth and slightly moist. Pink or light red with a thin white coating.

The face: Here I'm looking for superficial blood vessels, dandruff on the scalp, cracks or wounds behind the ears. I also look for cracks in the corner of the mouth. Most of these shows vitamin deficiency and lack of enzymes. 

Hands: I examine your hands after swelling and I also look at the nails for white spots, cracks etc. Most of these shows vitamin deficiency.

Arms and legs: I will ask for if you have a sore point where the shoulder meets the arm?  Leg cramps or Varicose veins? Varicose veins is connected to the liver.

Your poop: I love talking about poop! :) Here I want to know exactly how your poop looks like as your poop will tell me a lot about your current health.