The best DIY deodorant

The best DIY deodorant

Sodium bicarbonate is usually used for baking. In the 1930s, Sodium bicarbonate was a proven medical device and is currently used in hospitals all across the world. sodium bicarbonate is very cheap and is excellent for a wide range of areas, like deodorant.

How to reduce PMS symptoms

How to get rid of period pains!

Why do we have period pains and PMS? Is it normal? I would say NO. Yes it is normal that almost every girl suffers from them. But is it normal that we girls have to suffer once a month from something that is the most natural thing in the world, the menstruation? No I don’t think so. I believe that nature did not create the menstrual cycle to make us feel sick.

So what are we doing to our bodies that makes us suffer? What is wrong? First, it is nothing wrong with you, second we just have to listen to our body as it is clearly telling us something.

Menstruation is a sign of good health. Its hard to believe this sometimes when most of us suffers from PMS.  Unfortunately, The medical research around PMS is questionable. Every woman is different and there is no significant medical reasons of why women have PMS. There is not a treatment or theory and the standard medical approach of cause and cure is not working for women. 

But I can help you! how? Its all about your liver. If you suffer from PMS it is most certain your liver is working too hard. Mostly from a bad diet, alcohol, stress, polution and toxic environments. In another article that I previously written, I explain how to clean your liver. You can find it here. I recommend to read the article, because to have a clean liver is very important. If not, you might end up with other sickness and other dieseas.

But for now, I’m going to share with you a very easy way to get rid of the menstrual pain. There are many herbal remedies that can help you with your PMS pains. But im going to focus on one herb as this herb has helped me and many of my female friends. It is my favourite herb, Dandelion root. 

Dandelion root: A nutrient rich herb full of vitamin A, potassium and iron. Two cups of dandelion root tea a day helps to relieve many menstrual problems such as bloating, water retention, swollen breasts, muscle spasms, acne, anemia and inflammation.  

How does the root clean your liver? The dandelion root helps to excrete bile, which helps with liver detoxification.

Embracy your feminity and drink dandelion root tea everyday, 2 weeks before your period,  2-3 cups/ day . It’s as easy as that!

Love // Rebecca

How much is too much fruits?

Can we eat too much fruits?

Fruits should be eaten without caloric restriction and I don’t think it’s ever possible to eat too much fruit.  Your cells and your brain runs on sugar. According to the modern food pyramid, it is suggested that fruits are high in sugar. Hmmm yes, but you won’t get that “spike” in blood sugar as fruits contains fiber. More experts now recommend more fruits for the fiber, vitamin and mineral content. Fruit is a rich source of potassium, vitamines and minerals, dietary fiber, and many other potentially active compounds, and contains little sodium, fat and relatively few calories.

Don’t restrict yourself; eat as much as you want!

We eat a lot of fruit! An ordinary day of fruit consumption for me  is: 10-15 bananas, 15-20 dates, berries, several oranges, mangoes or persimmons…depending on the season. I eat fruits for breakfast, lunch and snacks. And sometimes I eat fruits for dinner. I would say my fruit intake is about 70% of the food that I eat in a day. So I eat more than the recommended dosage, which I think is silly and can cause damage for the human kind if only 2 cups of fruit are consumed daily.

Here is some research about fruit consumption:


According to new research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, people who eat fresh fruit most days have a lower risk of heart attack and stroke than people who rarely eat fresh fruit. The study was a seven year old study of half a million adults in China where people eat less fresh fruit. Only 100-grams serving of fruit a day could be linked to about one third the risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease. And that study was issued for both men and women. So eat more fruits!


There have been several studies on fruits and cancer. Several fruits are very powerful and are great at cutting cancer cell growth. One big study was conducted in 2002 where they looked at the 11 most common fruits in the United States and studied their effect on liver cancer. With peaches the cancer cell spread dropped 10%. Bananas and grapefruit slowed cancer growth cells to about 40%. Red grapes, syrawberries and apples did even better. Lemons and cranberries where the winners with only a small dose cutting the cancer cell growth. So eat your fruit and don't be afraid to eat fruits as a meal. 


Some health professionals recommend restricting the fruit intake due to the sugar content for people with diabetes. There have been studies regarding this. Subjects with diabetes were randomized into two groups. One group ate two or more fruits a day, and the other group where instructed to not eat more than two fruits a day. The study showed that the group that ate more fruits had no negative effect on their diabetes or weight. Patients with type 2 diabetes should not stop eating fruit!


Are you afraid to eat a lot of fruit because you have heard that it may cause your candida problems to worsen? Unfortunately there is not much research about this topic yet. I have my own experience and know of other people experiences. Also Dr. Douglas Graham’s book, 801010 explains more in detail about candida. Additionally, I went to a kinesiologist 2 years ago and she also said that the fruits do not causes candida.

This is a very interesting topic. I have had Candida for years and the "normal" candida diet did not work. It's funny becasue I have not really heard that it actually worked for anyone. the diet for example, suggest no sweet fruits. It's like once you have had Candida problems you have it eternally.

Yeasts or Candida is always in our blood, it is normal. You don't want to kill it as that would be life threatening. Candida serves as a life protection for your body and it blooms when there is an excess of sugar in the blood stream. When there is an excess sugar, Candida brings the blood sugar down to a non-threatening level. When the sugar is used by the cells of the body, the candida quickly goes down to normal levels as it is supposed to. However, if you eat a lot of food with high fat content, the sugar is not carried out to your cells as fast as it should. Too much fat lines the blood vessels walls blocking and inhibiting normal metabolic activity. The sugar will remain in the bloodstream and feed the candida instead of feeding the other cells of your body. Then the Candida spreads to "eat up" the excess sugar and causes problems.

If you have treated an over populated Candida problem, which should only take a few days, then you should be able to eat the most natural things on earth.....fruits. So think about it, how can something that is so natural like eating fruits make you sick? It is packed with nutrients and fiber, low in fats and the sugar from fruits don't give you a "sugar spike" as it contains fiber, the fiber slows it down.

So what causes Candida then?

It's the fat.....humans eat way too much fat and processed food today. If you don't believe this, try it out, it won't harm you to eat more fruits. Eat a low fat diet for few weeks. No nuts, avocados or oils. eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

How much fruit is too much? Can we eat 10 fruits per day?

The recommended threshold for fructose is 50 g each day, each fruit contains about 10g. Hmm…I eat way too many fruits if  I’m going to listen to some recommendations. Quoting from the Harvard Health Letter, "The nutritional problems of fructose and sugar come when they are added to foods. Fruit, on the other hand, is beneficial in almost any amount." That is great to hear! Has there ever been a study on a high fruit diet? Thankfully yes!

Quoted from Dr. Michael Greger; “Seventeen people were instructed to eat twenty servings of fruit a day. Despite the extraordinarily high fructose content of this diet, presumably about 200 grams a day—8 cans of soda worth—the investigators reported no adverse effects (and possible benefits actually) for body weight, blood pressure, and insulin and lipid levels (fats in the blood) after three to six months. More recently, Jenkins and colleagues put people on about a twenty-servings-of-fruit-a-day diet for a few a weeks, and no adverse effects on weight or blood pressure or triglycerides, and an astounding 38-point drop in LDL cholesterol. There was one side effect, though. Given the 44 servings of vegetables they had on top of all that fruit, they recorded the largest bowel movements apparently ever documented in a dietary intervention”.

So please humans, eat more fruits. We are designed to eat fruits and greens. Stay away from the processed sugar like high fructose corn syrup and eat more real fruits with no ingredient list.





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Liver detox

Home remedies for your liver- Love your liver!

In today's society, we are in contact with more toxins than our liver can handle. Many of these toxins come from the food we eat and drink. Toxins from our polluted environment, drugs, water pollution, pesticides, preservatives, prescription drugs and fluoride are harmful to our liver as well. We often need to help todays liver with various methods such as herbs or enemas. An over active liver can cause certain diseases, and cancer. Also, you might feel sluggish, tired and display other symptoms like: acne, other skin problems, PMS, weight gain etc. 

Your liver works with over 500 body functions. Some of them are very well known functions:

  • Production of bile, which helps carry away waste and break down fats in the small intestine during digestion (you can read more about bile and liver cleaning in one of my earlier articles "coffee enemas")
  • Production of certain proteins for blood plasma
  • Production of cholesterol 
  • Stores and releases glucose as needed
  • Also stores iron, Vit A, B12 and Vit D
  • Conversion of harmful ammonia to urea
  • Clearing the blood of drugs and toxic chemicals
  • Breaks down excess insulin, estrogen and other hormones and purifies the blood from viruses, bacteria, fungi and other parasites. 

The liver has a tremendous ability to heal itself when given the right tools. Unfortunately, we are exposed today to more toxins than ever before. When negative impact is greater than the positive, the liver function becomes sluggish and less efficient.

There are several ways to clean your liver daily or you can do a liver detox for few weeks. But it is better to just live a life where your liver gets a daily “detox” as your body will thank you in so many ways. For example, your skin will have a glow, you will have more energy throughout the day!

Be nice to your liver so it can function at 100%. Here are some tips to help your liver to function properly.

1.       Eat organic 

Your liver has to clean your blood from all the chemicals when you are consuming non organic produce. That’s a burden your liver does not need to address as it is an easy way for you to think about what you are consuming. Organic produce are free from, synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals. Research has shown that organic crops have less heavy-metals and pesticides, and higher content of antioxidants and other nutrients. I never eat non organic produce as I don’t want to pay for chemicals that will harm my body. It is waste of money.

If you cannot afford to buy organic products, at least buy organic varieties of the most sprayed crops like apples, celery, bananas, oranges, cucumber, cabbage, grapes, nectarines, peaches, peppers, spinach, kale, strawberries & blueberries.

2.       Don’t use toxic cleaning products:

Are you scrubbing the kitchen with strong pesticides and use potent air fresheners that run on electricity? You will breathe in toxins daily if you do. Or are you using shower gels, shampoo, deodorants and perfume from the local grocery store? You might want to think again. It takes less than 1 minute for your skin to absorb all the toxins you put on your skin. Toxins your liver must deal with. Buy organic products that contain minimal ingredients or make your own cleaning products.

3.       Don’t eat processed food

 Products with processed sugar, sweeteners, flour and grains, cakes, bread and biscuits have a high content of “empty” carbohydrates and low in nutrients. They also promote blood sugar fluctuations that stress the liver. Stay away from processed food and eat foods that don’t have an ingredients list, like fruits and vegetables, foods that we are design to eat!

4.       Don’t eat foods with high allergens

Eating foods that may create intolerances and allergies disrupt the detoxification process and causes the liver to work harder. The most common allergens are gluten (found in wheat, rye and barley), dairy products and processed soy products. This is an important part of your cleaning. Avoid allergenic food to give the liver a breather!

5.       Stay hydrated!

Water is very important! we need extra amounts for the body to flush out excess toxins. Also, stay away from alcohol, coffee, soft drinks and juices, which raise your blood sugar and diminish liver function.

6.       Take herbs and eat greens to help your liver

Eat more of the bitter, green lettuce leaves. Bitter leaves like dandelion greens, endive and arugula. Also, drink more herbal teas like dandelion root and Pau'Darco tea. The bitterness of the vegetables and teas stimulates bile which is important for eliminating toxins and to protect the liver from damage. Do you suffer from period pains? That’s one signal your body is showing you that your liver is working too hard. I highly recommend 2-3 cups a day of dandelion root tea for 2 weeks, 1 week off and then 2-3 cups a day of the tea again for 2 weeks. Then your pain should go away. It always works for me and my friends!  Dandelion root tea is my favorite tea! Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is an herb that I highly recommend as well. We take the herbs daily. This herb has been used for over 2000 years as a remedy for a variety of ailments, especially the liver, kidney and gall bladder issues. The flavonoid silymarin have shown in scientific studies to protect the liver from toxins and have an antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties. And it may help the liver repair itself by growing cells. Absolutely love it!

Please take care of yourself and I’m here for any questions you might have.







Do you have parasites?

Do you have parasites? here is how to do a parasite cleanse

Parasites are not something you want to know that you have, but unfortunately, most of us have. You don’t have to been travel to the tropics to get them. They are much more common than we think, and up to a third of the US population have parasites, and about 70% around the world. Many times, they are harmless, but other times they can create a lot of problems. Problems that you thought was something else. More about symptoms later.

In today's society where we are too clean and sterile with hand sanitizer, and antibacterial soap, cleaning products, etc.. has led to a weakened immune system. Many diseases such as asthma, hay fever, eczema, certain allergies, multiple sclerosis (MS) is increasing. Children and adults who are just too clean can not build up a resistance to parasites, which in turn can lead to certain diseases. The immune system is divided in two parts, and the part of the immune system that are in charge of parasites is also the part that causes asthma, seasonal allergies, Crohn's disease and other autoimmune diseases.

Your immune system simply need some dirt to fight against parasites and other diseases.

Our small intestine is about 20 feet long, and its function is to absorb nutrients from what we eat and drink. The large intestine is about 5 feet long and absorbs water from the waste and creates feces. The small intestine and the colon together is 25 feet long and with the right diet with lots of fruits and vegetables each meal, we should go to the toilet at least 3 times per day. If not the bowel become sluggish. With a poor diet (dairy, fastfood, meats, wheat, sugar, sodas) and the food we eat is not broken down properly, the sugar begins to ferment and protein putrefies or rot, which is then absorbed in the liver as toxins within the small and large intestine. This is a regular contributor to ill health which can cause symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, bloating, anxiety, stomach pain, joint pain, acne and other infections.

Your stomach is your ¨powerhouse¨. You cannot obtain complete health unless your gut is functioning properly. If your digestion and uptake of nutrients does not work and your stool does not move unhindered in your gut, it prevents the other cells to function optimally. Then you have a high risk of developing other illnesses.

The typical diet today destroys our digestive system and health. Most animal products weakens and inflames our gut and creates mucus. It sits on the intestinal walls and causes problems. This mucus (mucoid plaque) is difficult to poop out. It can sit on the intestinal walls for years, and it prevents the absorption of nutrients. It is more important than ever to keep the digestive tract clean. You do not want something to prevent your absorption of nutrients. Your body is dependent on your bowel and you do not want to provide an environment that parasites thrive in.

There are three types of parasites which can infect the human digestive system; tapeworms, roundworms (nematodes) and protozoa. They can be of various sizes, ranging from microscopic to several inches long. They can stay in the intestines or cause problems in other organs.

The most common symptoms are:

• Stomach pain, bloating and gas

• Diarrhea

• Dysentery

• Fatigue

• Nausea or vomiting

• Pooping out worms

• Rash or itching around the rectum

• Reduced weight

• Eye inflammation (conjunctivitis and retinitis)

• Hives (urticaria)

• Skin problems


• Acne

If you think you have a parasite and would like a test, ensure that your stool is sent to a lab that has a good track record for finding parasites. If the first test did not show parasites, be sure to get a second opinion. I had my stool tested for parasites with a regular doctor and it showed nothing. But then, I had a parasite detox with herbs, followed by an enema every day, for a month. This process removed a lot of parasites from my body! Liver worms and pinworms. In addition, Calvin, my fiance removed parasites when he had his first enema. More about the enema here. under coffee enemas.

I did my parasite cleansing when I wanted to see if I had any parasites and in addition, I tried to find the reason for my adult acne. A parasite detox is very simple with some herbs that lulls the parasites and kills the eggs followed by an enema flushes which flushes them out.

The recommended herbs:

Green black walnut- is an anti-parasite, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal cure. This herb kills adult stages of parasites.

Wormwood- A herb, Known for its anti-bactericidal properties and is good for digestion. Also, increases the acidity of the stomach and the production of bile. This herb kill the larval stages of parasites. But do overdose, this herb can cause insomnia and problems with other organs.

Clove buds- antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a pain reliever. This herb removes parasite eggs.

How to perform a parasite detox

I highly recommend a 1 month parasite detox with 1-2 weeks break. This herb has been great for me and with the help of an enema, I removed more parasites than I thought I had! Combine detox with psyllium husk daily to really help clear the bowel. Psyllium husk gives volume to the stool and removes old fecal matter that can be left on the intestinal walls. In addition, do an enema every day, preferd in the morning before breakfast. 

1. You start gradually with the herbs, First week 2-3 drops in water 2 times a day + 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk in a glass of water before going to bed. Do not take the drops and psyllium at the same time!!! Wait at least 1-2 hours between each intake. After a few days, try to increase the herb drops, but listen to your body.

2. Second week:  4-6 drops in water, 3 times a day + 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk in water in the morning before breakfast and 1 tablespoon of psyllium in water before bedtime.

3. The third week: no herbs but continue with psyllium husk 2 times a day.

4. Fourth week: continue with herbs, 5-7 drops 3 times a day + psyllium husk 2 times a day.

5. The last and fifth week: 7-9 drops 3 times a day + psyllium husk 2 times a day.

6. In the meantime, you should take a supplement of probiotics too, especially if you are doing enemas. Take them after the enema.

7. You need to drink plenty of water during the detox!

Listen to your body regarding the dosage. The dosage of the herbs are different for each individual. I was up to 10 drops during my last week of the process because I felt that my body could handle it. But maybe you are not!

Bentonite clay during detox;

You can also add bentonite clay during the detox period for an additional means of eliminating the little buggers.

Clay helps the body to eliminate parasites, toxins and pathogens from the intestinal walls. The clay absorbs water in the digestive system and the clay particles swell and form a large mass moving through the intestinal tract. The clay also has a strong negative charge on its external molecules, which attracts and pull out the toxins, metals, pathogenic virus, and all kinds of parasites that cling to the intestinal walls.

I used the clay the first month. Here is how;

• When you wake up drink a glass of water. Then an additional glass of water with 1 teaspoon bentonie clay + 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk. Wait 1 hour and then take the herb droplets described above. 30 minutes later, you can eat your breakfast. Eat nothing when you have just taken bentonite clay as it absorbs nutrients instead.

• You might do the same thing in the evening, one hour before taking herbal drops.

Normally, you can feel a little headache, feeling dizzy and tired when you start with the herbs, the reasons this might happen is because the parasites die and release a gas, ammonia. This is a reason to do enema during detox so you get rid of the ammonia and flush the parasites out as quickly as possible.

You feel it when you have passed the parasites, as a kind of poison you have eliminated. Many develop better skin, better sleep, and helps candida problems..


During this detox time, I highly recommend doing enemas. More about coffee enemas here, but you do not have to do enemas with coffee. It can be done with only warm water, or with a few drops of the parasite herbs. I recommend doing the enema at least every other day before breakfast. The parasites do not come out crawling and they will not come out alone. They are in your poop. Maybe you will see some parts of the parasite stick out from the poo. My first week, I got out a lot of liver flukes. They look like tomato skins. Also, exiting me was a long black parasites, pinworm. I could see my parasites because I did the enema in the bathroom and released my stool in the bathtub. That way I could break up the poop and examine for parasites. Sounds disgusting, but it helped.

I recommend doing a parasite detox 1-2 times a year.

During this detox period, it is good to eat foods that eliminate parasites and prevents the parasites from living inside you.

Food and tips that are good against parasites:

• For a stronger immune system that prevents the parasites to settle, eat organic and avoid chemicals.

• Parasites like sweet. Avoid sugar.

• Take care of your good bacteria in the stomach by avoiding antibiotics and food containing antibiotics (animal and dairy products) and other medications. Antibiotics and other medications alter the PH balance in the body and provide an environment that appreciates parasites. 

• Eat a diet high in fiber and take a daily dose of psyllium husk (at least 1 tablespoon). Psyllium cleanses the intestines and removes parasite eggs that tries to make your bowels its home.

• Eat foods that are high in vitamin A: Carrots, oranges and sweet potatoes. Also garlic. These can prevent the parasite larvae to attach.

• Parasites can be transmitted from your pet, so make sure they are checked frequently for parasites. Also have their feces removed to prevent contamination.

• Wash your hands with ordinary soap, no hand sanitizer. Wash fruits and vegetables carefully and filter your drinking water.

• Do not eat raw and undercooked meat. Become a vegan for your health and the planet.

• Drink plenty of water to clean out the toxins.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!



How to do a coffee enema. Everything you need to know!

How to do a coffee enema, everything you need to know!

First why ??? This is about cleansing the liver of toxins. So first I want to tell you why we need to clean the liver. In today's society, we are in contact with more toxins than our liver can handle. Many of these toxins comes from the food we eat and drink, toxins from our polluted environment, drugs, water pollution, pesticides, preservatives, prescription drugs and fluoride. Additionally,if the food we eat is not digested properly, the sugar begins to ferment and the protein spoils or rot, which are then absorbed into the liver as toxins within the small and large intestine. This is a common contributor to bad health. All toxins are absorbed in the liver. So yes, to make a coffee enema might not feel "natural" but natural are not medications, fluoride, exhaust fumes, pesticides etc. either. We often need to help todays liver with various methods such as herbs or enemas as an over active liver can cause skin conditions like acne and certain diseases, and cancer.

Also, big health problems may arise from blockage and toxic build up that occur from over time in your digestive system, which in turn may be absorbed in the bloodstream and toxicating the whole body. When I did my first enema in the beginning there were always a lot of black residue that came out that certainly has been stuck in the intestinal walls for years. It felt really good to get it out! This is one reason to drink clean water and eat most plant-based foods to prevent this. To have a clean colon is vital for a healthy body and enemas and colonic irrigation are brilliant ancient therapies.

An Enema is an ancient form of hydrotherapy (treatment of diseases with cold water) it has been used for hundreds of years for cleansing of the colon. The purpose of the enema is to remove toxins accumulated in the liver and for the removal of free radicals from the bloodstream.

I have implemented enemas for over 2 years and honestly I love it! What is not a feeling of total purity.  The journey to having my first enemas was a bit long because I heard from several people about addiction, not "natural" and simply harmful. But I'm still a live. If I had always listened to other people, I probably would not even be a vegan today. There is always someone who has something to say, without any evidence. So!, I'm still alive, and my stomach and skin have improved and I have not become addicted to enemas. In today's society where we expose our bodies to unnatural stresses, we need to help our body with some "unnatural" means to cleanse us from the inside out. I do not implement the enema to clean my intestine (which also helps) but I do it to clean my liver. Hmm ... it sounds strange? How can something that is inserted into the bum clean the liver?

How it works!

The coffee contains substances like: Theobromine, Theophylline and caffeine which increases the flow of bile, which contain toxins. The coffee also stimulates an important detoxification enzyme (glutathione S-transferase) found in the liver, this enzyme dilate the bile ducts, and increases the flow of bile. Moreover, this enzyme reacts with free radicals (causing cell damage). These substances will dissolve in the bile. The bile with these toxins, you simply poop them out, following a completed enema. Also, coffee enemas increases peristalsis which helps to empty the bowels. So, that being said, I have even carried out a coffee enema while I was constipated.

This is an extreme detox for the liver. Cancer patients often have been shown to have a liver with too much toxins and these patients undergo enemas up to 6 times a day! (Gearson Institute) I have never had that many enemas in one day. I started my enema adventure while seeking a solution for my adult acne. I started with 1 enema once a day for about 2 months, gradually decreasing the number of enemas I administered. Today, two years later, I do enemas when I feel I need one. Maybe a sense of how my stool looks like or smells, or if I have been exposed to a highly polluted environment with poor air or If I'm beginning to feel sick.

I've convinced friends to try enemas. Even my boyfriend showed interest and even took part in a couple of enema sessions with me. They aggree with this detox method after their experience. It is easy and after your first enema you will feel a great improvement in your health! you gain more energy and a special empty, clean sensation in your gut that feels like an extreme purity. Your skin becomes more vibrant. It took my boyfriend a year to try for the first time. I never forced him, however, I did my weekly enemas as usual and he always asked me how it went, and occasionally he’d ask specific questions about enemas etc. My Calvin always thought enema were unnatural. He always humored me, he would say "enemas are unnatural" while he's scrubbing the kitchen with strong pesticides and used potant air fresheners that runs on electricity. Very toxic!! Hahaha! (he no longer uses strong disinfectants and toxic air fresheners)

So one day we had a coffee with one of Calvin's friends. And it turned out that he and his girlfriend do enemas once a month. His friend is a big guy, bodybuilder type. In fact and ex-bodybuilder. Does not look like the type that would do an enema! (not that there's a type;)) You never know what people do behind closed doors! Haha. I think this made Calvin feel it was time for him to try, too. He knew how much I loved my enemas, and now his friend has shared with us that he does them too!

Calvin bought his own enema kit, and a few days later we both layed on the floor with a hose inserted in our butts! We had fun. Calvin had not taped the tube properly where the tube meets the catheter so the coffee water started to leak out on the floor instead of in Calvins bum!!! I had to help him while I had my own hose in the bum. What a scene! Hahaha. I accessed his hose and helped him to cover up the hole again! Hahah you should lie still when you do enema, not walk around! Hahaha I think after this, our relationship has gone up a level ;)

But everything went great and better than I thought. Calvin could hold the enema for 15 minutes! which may be difficult for the first time. I remember my first enema, I could just hold it 7 minutes. But we are all different. Calvin felt good afterward, nothing strange at all. But what was incredible was that same night he pooped out a long parasite !! Extreme happiness !! More about parasites here

How to do an enema

1. First, find a good organic coffee and an enema kit.  Ensure the enema bucket is made of plastic and not steel. You will want to see through the bucket when you make the enema. Otherwise its going to be difficult to know if you have emptied the bucket.

2. Bring to boil 1 liter of water (filtered/Distilled), then add 3 tablespoons of coffee and let it simmer, covered, for 15 minutes.

3. Allow the solution to cool to body temperature. Do not let it get too cold. Cold water introduced into the bum will lower your body temperature. You do not want to freeze while doing an enema. Before you begin your enema make sure your water/coffee fluid is not hot either. You do not want to burn your butt during you first go at it. 

4. Assemble enema equipment. The hose connects to the bucket and the catheter connects to the hose. Use tape where the catheter and hose meets if it is loose. It is the catheter that will be entering your butt. Make sure that the transparent hose is locked!

5. Strain the coffee into the bucket. The bucket should only be coffee water. No residue from the coffee should be in there! You can use a Kitchen towel or a nut bag for straining. Nut bags can be purchased here.

6. Set the bucket on the toilet (it is a good height, too high and the coffee water will move too quickly into your body) or on to any stabile elevated surface that’s roughly the same height as your toilet with the toilet lid down.

7. Lie on your right side in the fetal position on a towel and lubricate the red catheter with flaxseed oil or hemp oil.

8. Then insert the catheter into your anus (try inserting 20 to 30 cm of the catheter). Breathe!

9. When the catheter is inserted, release the lock. The coffee water will begins to travel into your butt. Breathe, ensure that the entire 1 liter enters into your rectum. When the entire bucket is empty, lock the tubing to prevent the water from going back into the bucket. Do not pull out the catheter! Let it be.

10. Set an alarm for 15 minutes why you are lying on your right side and relaxed. Read a book, surf the web or play a game with your phone. Take your mind off of what is actually happening.

11. You will have a strong desire to poop. But do your best to hold that coffee water for 15 minutes. The longer you hold, the better.

12. After 15 minutes, get up with the catheter still inside of you and have a sit down on the toilet, slowly pull out the catheter while relaxed. Try not to push it out. Massaging your belly helps to release the coffee.

Things to consider:

Good bacteria

It is important to understand that we have good bacteria in the gut and we might poop them out during the enema session. It is very important to replenish the good bacteria as to not cause dysbiosis. (a microbial imbalance in the digestive system). Both pre and probiotic are important, also fiber! More info about the good bacteria and fiber can be found here.


Some people may feel the effects of the caffein. Calvin does not drink coffee, and is not used to caffeine, but still, he felt no "buzz". I feel the buzz after each enema. But it has never bothered me. Coffee enemas are not like drinking coffee, which in turn is not good for the body and it strain the liver. If you feel the buzz, you may have used too much coffee. The next time, use only 2 tablespoons of coffee. One tip…do not have an enema during the late afternoon or night, may be a bit difficult to fall asleep.

Why hold it for 15 minutes?

During the 15 minutes, the body's entire blood supply would have circulated through the liver 4-5 times. Also toxins would have been picked up from the tissues. Enemas acts as a form of dialysis of the blood across the intestinal wall. The blood goes through the liver every three minutes. So try to always keep at least 3 minutes ...6…9…etc.

What time is the best time to do a enema?

I recommend doing enemas before breakfast, in the morning, after your first poop. You will have less waste in your intestine that may bother and no undigested food in your stomach. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water before you begin your enema. At least 1 liter. Otherwise, the body may absorb the coffee water. It's the last thing you want.

Good luck! and let me know if you have any questions. 




Why probiotics?

What are the good bacteria?

Pre and probiotic

Do you easily become bloated after eating?  What about gassy? Having problems with constipation or diarrhea? Bad breath?  Do you feel that your stomach is always full? Constantly craving for carbohydrates? Do you have skin problems like acne and rosacea? Do you have candida? Leaky gut? IBS? Standing colds? Weight problem? Additionally, problems with your mental health?

Have you used a lot of antibiotics or drink water full of chlorine? It is enough that you have taken one antibiotic regimen to get an imbalance in your intestinal flora! Because antibiotics kill both the good and the bad bacteria.

Do you have any of those symptoms? If so, you may have an imbalance in your intestinal flora. An imbalance of the good and the bad bacteria that live in your gut. which unfortunately is very common in today's society. This imbalance should be remedied to prevent bigger problems. 80% of your immune system resides in your digestive system and there are more than a billion bacteria in a small drop of fluid in the gut! These bacteria are very important for our health. So having a healthy stomach means less disease and a healthier life.

Digestion is a complex process that can easily become imbalanced: from not chewing your food enough, food lacking enzymes (cookedor processed food), your stomach acid, or an imbalance of microbes that help digest food and absorb food nutrients. Additionally, if you are too clean! More on that later.

It is important that you provide your stomach with nutrients for a good digestion. Do you eat a lot of foods that are heavily processed and cooked, genetically modified (GM), and sugar-rich foods, you probably have an imbalance, and your stomach is likely inflamed, possibly leaking (leaky gut). If you continue to eat this way, you put your self at risk of both chronic and acute health problems.

So what can we do to help today's stomachs?

The easiest thing to do is to add good bacteria, both pre and probiotics. I will explain briefly what they are.

Probiotics (good bacteria) are lactic living microorganisms that are beneficial to intestinal flora and the immune system. The good bacteria thrive on the nutrients in the intestine, where they settle on the mucous membranes of the gut and make it difficult for pathogens (harmful bacteria) to gain access to vital nutrients. Healthy, good bacteria produces byproducts that make the stomach lining strong. Without these good bacteria, the mucous membrane becomes brittle and can easily lead to inflammation. If you have a lot of harmful bacteria, your mucosa can leak and allow pathogenic bacteria, toxins and undigested food to pass directly into the bloodstream (leaky gut) and negatively affect normal body function in many ways.

Probiotics contain several different strains of bacteria and have different advantages. The most common strains are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium found in the intestinal flora. Probiotics are also found in kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and pickles.

Prebiotics are non-digestible oligosaccharides (a certain carbohydrate) which feed the good bacteria and stimulate their growth, which leads to positive changes in the activity of the intestinal flora. Therefore it is important to consume foods that contain both pre and probiotics! Prebiotics are in raw foods, such as green bananas, leeks, green cabbage, garlic, kale, oats and also legumes.

Do we really need good bacteria?

During the past century, our lifestyle has changed drastically when it comes to our health, standard of living, diet and medication. Today, most individuals diet consists mainly of industrial produced food, using preservatives, using freezers for food instead of fermenting the food like we did in the past. Furthermore, using antibiotics and drinking water containing chlorine. Our drastic lifestyle benefits the bad bacteria (pathogens) that can make us sick. Taking pre and probiotic may replace harmful bacteria, the bacteria that the modern, lazy dietary processed food consumption feeds.

Who discovered the good bacteria?

Deficiencies in the modern diet and their negative effects on the digestive system has become a daily problem. The discoverer of probiotics was Élie Metchnikoff (1845-1916). Elie M. researched the bacterial flora that lives in the intestine. Elie found that flora can be the cause of many diseases and digestive problems. He showed that the spoilage of bacteria in the intestine had the ability to produce substances that were previously linked to the development of digestive problems, for which he received the Nobel Prize in 1908.

What does the research say?

Autoimmune diseases such as Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are common in more developed countries and rare in less developed countries. The cleanliness explains this uneven distribution. In affluent societies where children's exposure to a variety of enteric bacteria are less actually increase the susceptibility to disease by immune system is worse. We use antibiotics and hand sanitizer too often, which creates an imbalance in the intestinal flora.

Research shows that children who eat a typical Western diet rich in sugar, fat and meat had a lower bacterial diversity and more allergies, inflammation and obesity. What we eat plays a big role in the elaboration of autoimmune diseases due to the bacteria present in our stomach. Studies show that children who eat a raw, high-fiber plant based diet, had more different species of good bacteria in their stomach.

But is bacteria bad for us?

Today society consideres bacteria in general as something harmful, something that causes disease. Therefore, the general beliefis, healthy living occures when a very sterile environment is kept. Where all bacteria is eliminated. I see people constantly clean their hands with alcohol. It is really not necessary and does more harm than good. This means that the intake of lactic acid producing bacteria also has been greatly reduced. Today we are cleaner than ever but have more problems with the digestive system and other diseases. We need the continuous exposure to bacteria for a stronger immune system. Allow your children and yourselves to become dirty. The best thing for a child is to have a pet, like a dog. Their dirtiness gives the family a stronger immune system.

How can we go back to the healthy bacterial flora?

Eat better, adopt a cleaner diet that helps the digestive system. This can go a long way toward repairing the damage delt to the stomach. Introduce foods into your diet that contain these good bacteria. Unfortunately, our Western diet contains antibiotics and other additives, especially in animal products. 80% of antibiotics sold in the United States goes to the animals that are bred for consumption! So we have to go back to consuming unpackaged food and eat food that do not contain a large ingredients list. Below is a list of what you can do to get your stomach back in balance.


  • Eat prebiotics that stimulates the growth of probiotics (especially eating raw)

Oatmeal, garlic, kale, leeks, onions, green banana, asparagus


  • Eat traditional fermented-fermented foods

The best thing you can do for your stomach is to eat food that contain these good bacteria, daily. Tradional fermented raw materials contain these milk acid producing bacteria. But it's not enough to take a supplement of probiotics and then continue to eat “normally”. If you are aware that you are having problems with the good bacteria in your gut, then it is time to adopt a healthy diet and add these good bacteria to prevent other diseases. Avoid processed foods and add more organic natural food. Natural food has no ingredients list.

Fermented foods: Kefir, Pickles, saurkraut and kimchi, tempeh and natto (fermented soybeans)


  • Taking probiotic supplements (there are many different varieties, make sure it contains:

Super-strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1,

Remains stable at room temperature for at least 18 months,

Free from dairy product and free of gluten, wheat, soy, corn and lactose

Freeze dried

The capsules are made of vegetables


·                     For a healthier stomach, avoid:

1. Do not over eat, especially bad food (refined proccessed sugar, high fat, processed carbohydrates such as cakes, biscuits, pasta, bread)

2. If you are not vegan, reduce the consumption of animal products. Just a few days of a diet high in animal products, altered the good balance of bacteria in the stomach, and inflammation increases. Also, many animanl products contains antibiotics! Reduce animal products to only 1 to 2 times a week.

3. Some medications like birth controls pills, steroids, chemotherapy can cause imbalance.

4. Avoid Alcohol

In later articles, I will be posting recipes and explain how to make your own saurkraut and kefir. Very good!


Take care and let me know if you have any questions!