How to do a coffee enema. Everything you need to know!

How to do a coffee enema, everything you need to know!

First why ??? This is about cleansing the liver of toxins. So first I want to tell you why we need to clean the liver. In today's society, we are in contact with more toxins than our liver can handle. Many of these toxins comes from the food we eat and drink, toxins from our polluted environment, drugs, water pollution, pesticides, preservatives, prescription drugs and fluoride. Additionally,if the food we eat is not digested properly, the sugar begins to ferment and the protein spoils or rot, which are then absorbed into the liver as toxins within the small and large intestine. This is a common contributor to bad health. All toxins are absorbed in the liver. So yes, to make a coffee enema might not feel "natural" but natural are not medications, fluoride, exhaust fumes, pesticides etc. either. We often need to help todays liver with various methods such as herbs or enemas as an over active liver can cause skin conditions like acne and certain diseases, and cancer.

Also, big health problems may arise from blockage and toxic build up that occur from over time in your digestive system, which in turn may be absorbed in the bloodstream and toxicating the whole body. When I did my first enema in the beginning there were always a lot of black residue that came out that certainly has been stuck in the intestinal walls for years. It felt really good to get it out! This is one reason to drink clean water and eat most plant-based foods to prevent this. To have a clean colon is vital for a healthy body and enemas and colonic irrigation are brilliant ancient therapies.

An Enema is an ancient form of hydrotherapy (treatment of diseases with cold water) it has been used for hundreds of years for cleansing of the colon. The purpose of the enema is to remove toxins accumulated in the liver and for the removal of free radicals from the bloodstream.

I have implemented enemas for over 2 years and honestly I love it! What is not a feeling of total purity.  The journey to having my first enemas was a bit long because I heard from several people about addiction, not "natural" and simply harmful. But I'm still a live. If I had always listened to other people, I probably would not even be a vegan today. There is always someone who has something to say, without any evidence. So!, I'm still alive, and my stomach and skin have improved and I have not become addicted to enemas. In today's society where we expose our bodies to unnatural stresses, we need to help our body with some "unnatural" means to cleanse us from the inside out. I do not implement the enema to clean my intestine (which also helps) but I do it to clean my liver. Hmm ... it sounds strange? How can something that is inserted into the bum clean the liver?

How it works!

The coffee contains substances like: Theobromine, Theophylline and caffeine which increases the flow of bile, which contain toxins. The coffee also stimulates an important detoxification enzyme (glutathione S-transferase) found in the liver, this enzyme dilate the bile ducts, and increases the flow of bile. Moreover, this enzyme reacts with free radicals (causing cell damage). These substances will dissolve in the bile. The bile with these toxins, you simply poop them out, following a completed enema. Also, coffee enemas increases peristalsis which helps to empty the bowels. So, that being said, I have even carried out a coffee enema while I was constipated.

This is an extreme detox for the liver. Cancer patients often have been shown to have a liver with too much toxins and these patients undergo enemas up to 6 times a day! (Gearson Institute) I have never had that many enemas in one day. I started my enema adventure while seeking a solution for my adult acne. I started with 1 enema once a day for about 2 months, gradually decreasing the number of enemas I administered. Today, two years later, I do enemas when I feel I need one. Maybe a sense of how my stool looks like or smells, or if I have been exposed to a highly polluted environment with poor air or If I'm beginning to feel sick.

I've convinced friends to try enemas. Even my boyfriend showed interest and even took part in a couple of enema sessions with me. They aggree with this detox method after their experience. It is easy and after your first enema you will feel a great improvement in your health! you gain more energy and a special empty, clean sensation in your gut that feels like an extreme purity. Your skin becomes more vibrant. It took my boyfriend a year to try for the first time. I never forced him, however, I did my weekly enemas as usual and he always asked me how it went, and occasionally he’d ask specific questions about enemas etc. My Calvin always thought enema were unnatural. He always humored me, he would say "enemas are unnatural" while he's scrubbing the kitchen with strong pesticides and used potant air fresheners that runs on electricity. Very toxic!! Hahaha! (he no longer uses strong disinfectants and toxic air fresheners)

So one day we had a coffee with one of Calvin's friends. And it turned out that he and his girlfriend do enemas once a month. His friend is a big guy, bodybuilder type. In fact and ex-bodybuilder. Does not look like the type that would do an enema! (not that there's a type;)) You never know what people do behind closed doors! Haha. I think this made Calvin feel it was time for him to try, too. He knew how much I loved my enemas, and now his friend has shared with us that he does them too!

Calvin bought his own enema kit, and a few days later we both layed on the floor with a hose inserted in our butts! We had fun. Calvin had not taped the tube properly where the tube meets the catheter so the coffee water started to leak out on the floor instead of in Calvins bum!!! I had to help him while I had my own hose in the bum. What a scene! Hahaha. I accessed his hose and helped him to cover up the hole again! Hahah you should lie still when you do enema, not walk around! Hahaha I think after this, our relationship has gone up a level ;)

But everything went great and better than I thought. Calvin could hold the enema for 15 minutes! which may be difficult for the first time. I remember my first enema, I could just hold it 7 minutes. But we are all different. Calvin felt good afterward, nothing strange at all. But what was incredible was that same night he pooped out a long parasite !! Extreme happiness !! More about parasites here

How to do an enema

1. First, find a good organic coffee and an enema kit.  Ensure the enema bucket is made of plastic and not steel. You will want to see through the bucket when you make the enema. Otherwise its going to be difficult to know if you have emptied the bucket.

2. Bring to boil 1 liter of water (filtered/Distilled), then add 3 tablespoons of coffee and let it simmer, covered, for 15 minutes.

3. Allow the solution to cool to body temperature. Do not let it get too cold. Cold water introduced into the bum will lower your body temperature. You do not want to freeze while doing an enema. Before you begin your enema make sure your water/coffee fluid is not hot either. You do not want to burn your butt during you first go at it. 

4. Assemble enema equipment. The hose connects to the bucket and the catheter connects to the hose. Use tape where the catheter and hose meets if it is loose. It is the catheter that will be entering your butt. Make sure that the transparent hose is locked!

5. Strain the coffee into the bucket. The bucket should only be coffee water. No residue from the coffee should be in there! You can use a Kitchen towel or a nut bag for straining. Nut bags can be purchased here.

6. Set the bucket on the toilet (it is a good height, too high and the coffee water will move too quickly into your body) or on to any stabile elevated surface that’s roughly the same height as your toilet with the toilet lid down.

7. Lie on your right side in the fetal position on a towel and lubricate the red catheter with flaxseed oil or hemp oil.

8. Then insert the catheter into your anus (try inserting 20 to 30 cm of the catheter). Breathe!

9. When the catheter is inserted, release the lock. The coffee water will begins to travel into your butt. Breathe, ensure that the entire 1 liter enters into your rectum. When the entire bucket is empty, lock the tubing to prevent the water from going back into the bucket. Do not pull out the catheter! Let it be.

10. Set an alarm for 15 minutes why you are lying on your right side and relaxed. Read a book, surf the web or play a game with your phone. Take your mind off of what is actually happening.

11. You will have a strong desire to poop. But do your best to hold that coffee water for 15 minutes. The longer you hold, the better.

12. After 15 minutes, get up with the catheter still inside of you and have a sit down on the toilet, slowly pull out the catheter while relaxed. Try not to push it out. Massaging your belly helps to release the coffee.

Things to consider:

Good bacteria

It is important to understand that we have good bacteria in the gut and we might poop them out during the enema session. It is very important to replenish the good bacteria as to not cause dysbiosis. (a microbial imbalance in the digestive system). Both pre and probiotic are important, also fiber! More info about the good bacteria and fiber can be found here.


Some people may feel the effects of the caffein. Calvin does not drink coffee, and is not used to caffeine, but still, he felt no "buzz". I feel the buzz after each enema. But it has never bothered me. Coffee enemas are not like drinking coffee, which in turn is not good for the body and it strain the liver. If you feel the buzz, you may have used too much coffee. The next time, use only 2 tablespoons of coffee. One tip…do not have an enema during the late afternoon or night, may be a bit difficult to fall asleep.

Why hold it for 15 minutes?

During the 15 minutes, the body's entire blood supply would have circulated through the liver 4-5 times. Also toxins would have been picked up from the tissues. Enemas acts as a form of dialysis of the blood across the intestinal wall. The blood goes through the liver every three minutes. So try to always keep at least 3 minutes ...6…9…etc.

What time is the best time to do a enema?

I recommend doing enemas before breakfast, in the morning, after your first poop. You will have less waste in your intestine that may bother and no undigested food in your stomach. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water before you begin your enema. At least 1 liter. Otherwise, the body may absorb the coffee water. It's the last thing you want.

Good luck! and let me know if you have any questions.