Do you have parasites?

Do you have parasites? here is how to do a parasite cleanse

Parasites are not something you want to know that you have, but unfortunately, most of us have. You don’t have to been travel to the tropics to get them. They are much more common than we think, and up to a third of the US population have parasites, and about 70% around the world. Many times, they are harmless, but other times they can create a lot of problems. Problems that you thought was something else. More about symptoms later.

In today's society where we are too clean and sterile with hand sanitizer, and antibacterial soap, cleaning products, etc.. has led to a weakened immune system. Many diseases such as asthma, hay fever, eczema, certain allergies, multiple sclerosis (MS) is increasing. Children and adults who are just too clean can not build up a resistance to parasites, which in turn can lead to certain diseases. The immune system is divided in two parts, and the part of the immune system that are in charge of parasites is also the part that causes asthma, seasonal allergies, Crohn's disease and other autoimmune diseases.

Your immune system simply need some dirt to fight against parasites and other diseases.

Our small intestine is about 20 feet long, and its function is to absorb nutrients from what we eat and drink. The large intestine is about 5 feet long and absorbs water from the waste and creates feces. The small intestine and the colon together is 25 feet long and with the right diet with lots of fruits and vegetables each meal, we should go to the toilet at least 3 times per day. If not the bowel become sluggish. With a poor diet (dairy, fastfood, meats, wheat, sugar, sodas) and the food we eat is not broken down properly, the sugar begins to ferment and protein putrefies or rot, which is then absorbed in the liver as toxins within the small and large intestine. This is a regular contributor to ill health which can cause symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, bloating, anxiety, stomach pain, joint pain, acne and other infections.

Your stomach is your ¨powerhouse¨. You cannot obtain complete health unless your gut is functioning properly. If your digestion and uptake of nutrients does not work and your stool does not move unhindered in your gut, it prevents the other cells to function optimally. Then you have a high risk of developing other illnesses.

The typical diet today destroys our digestive system and health. Most animal products weakens and inflames our gut and creates mucus. It sits on the intestinal walls and causes problems. This mucus (mucoid plaque) is difficult to poop out. It can sit on the intestinal walls for years, and it prevents the absorption of nutrients. It is more important than ever to keep the digestive tract clean. You do not want something to prevent your absorption of nutrients. Your body is dependent on your bowel and you do not want to provide an environment that parasites thrive in.

There are three types of parasites which can infect the human digestive system; tapeworms, roundworms (nematodes) and protozoa. They can be of various sizes, ranging from microscopic to several inches long. They can stay in the intestines or cause problems in other organs.

The most common symptoms are:

• Stomach pain, bloating and gas

• Diarrhea

• Dysentery

• Fatigue

• Nausea or vomiting

• Pooping out worms

• Rash or itching around the rectum

• Reduced weight

• Eye inflammation (conjunctivitis and retinitis)

• Hives (urticaria)

• Skin problems


• Acne

If you think you have a parasite and would like a test, ensure that your stool is sent to a lab that has a good track record for finding parasites. If the first test did not show parasites, be sure to get a second opinion. I had my stool tested for parasites with a regular doctor and it showed nothing. But then, I had a parasite detox with herbs, followed by an enema every day, for a month. This process removed a lot of parasites from my body! Liver worms and pinworms. In addition, Calvin, my fiance removed parasites when he had his first enema. More about the enema here. under coffee enemas.

I did my parasite cleansing when I wanted to see if I had any parasites and in addition, I tried to find the reason for my adult acne. A parasite detox is very simple with some herbs that lulls the parasites and kills the eggs followed by an enema flushes which flushes them out.

The recommended herbs:

Green black walnut- is an anti-parasite, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal cure. This herb kills adult stages of parasites.

Wormwood- A herb, Known for its anti-bactericidal properties and is good for digestion. Also, increases the acidity of the stomach and the production of bile. This herb kill the larval stages of parasites. But do overdose, this herb can cause insomnia and problems with other organs.

Clove buds- antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a pain reliever. This herb removes parasite eggs.

How to perform a parasite detox

I highly recommend a 1 month parasite detox with 1-2 weeks break. This herb has been great for me and with the help of an enema, I removed more parasites than I thought I had! Combine detox with psyllium husk daily to really help clear the bowel. Psyllium husk gives volume to the stool and removes old fecal matter that can be left on the intestinal walls. In addition, do an enema every day, preferd in the morning before breakfast. 

1. You start gradually with the herbs, First week 2-3 drops in water 2 times a day + 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk in a glass of water before going to bed. Do not take the drops and psyllium at the same time!!! Wait at least 1-2 hours between each intake. After a few days, try to increase the herb drops, but listen to your body.

2. Second week:  4-6 drops in water, 3 times a day + 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk in water in the morning before breakfast and 1 tablespoon of psyllium in water before bedtime.

3. The third week: no herbs but continue with psyllium husk 2 times a day.

4. Fourth week: continue with herbs, 5-7 drops 3 times a day + psyllium husk 2 times a day.

5. The last and fifth week: 7-9 drops 3 times a day + psyllium husk 2 times a day.

6. In the meantime, you should take a supplement of probiotics too, especially if you are doing enemas. Take them after the enema.

7. You need to drink plenty of water during the detox!

Listen to your body regarding the dosage. The dosage of the herbs are different for each individual. I was up to 10 drops during my last week of the process because I felt that my body could handle it. But maybe you are not!

Bentonite clay during detox;

You can also add bentonite clay during the detox period for an additional means of eliminating the little buggers.

Clay helps the body to eliminate parasites, toxins and pathogens from the intestinal walls. The clay absorbs water in the digestive system and the clay particles swell and form a large mass moving through the intestinal tract. The clay also has a strong negative charge on its external molecules, which attracts and pull out the toxins, metals, pathogenic virus, and all kinds of parasites that cling to the intestinal walls.

I used the clay the first month. Here is how;

• When you wake up drink a glass of water. Then an additional glass of water with 1 teaspoon bentonie clay + 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk. Wait 1 hour and then take the herb droplets described above. 30 minutes later, you can eat your breakfast. Eat nothing when you have just taken bentonite clay as it absorbs nutrients instead.

• You might do the same thing in the evening, one hour before taking herbal drops.

Normally, you can feel a little headache, feeling dizzy and tired when you start with the herbs, the reasons this might happen is because the parasites die and release a gas, ammonia. This is a reason to do enema during detox so you get rid of the ammonia and flush the parasites out as quickly as possible.

You feel it when you have passed the parasites, as a kind of poison you have eliminated. Many develop better skin, better sleep, and helps candida problems..


During this detox time, I highly recommend doing enemas. More about coffee enemas here, but you do not have to do enemas with coffee. It can be done with only warm water, or with a few drops of the parasite herbs. I recommend doing the enema at least every other day before breakfast. The parasites do not come out crawling and they will not come out alone. They are in your poop. Maybe you will see some parts of the parasite stick out from the poo. My first week, I got out a lot of liver flukes. They look like tomato skins. Also, exiting me was a long black parasites, pinworm. I could see my parasites because I did the enema in the bathroom and released my stool in the bathtub. That way I could break up the poop and examine for parasites. Sounds disgusting, but it helped.

I recommend doing a parasite detox 1-2 times a year.

During this detox period, it is good to eat foods that eliminate parasites and prevents the parasites from living inside you.

Food and tips that are good against parasites:

• For a stronger immune system that prevents the parasites to settle, eat organic and avoid chemicals.

• Parasites like sweet. Avoid sugar.

• Take care of your good bacteria in the stomach by avoiding antibiotics and food containing antibiotics (animal and dairy products) and other medications. Antibiotics and other medications alter the PH balance in the body and provide an environment that appreciates parasites. 

• Eat a diet high in fiber and take a daily dose of psyllium husk (at least 1 tablespoon). Psyllium cleanses the intestines and removes parasite eggs that tries to make your bowels its home.

• Eat foods that are high in vitamin A: Carrots, oranges and sweet potatoes. Also garlic. These can prevent the parasite larvae to attach.

• Parasites can be transmitted from your pet, so make sure they are checked frequently for parasites. Also have their feces removed to prevent contamination.

• Wash your hands with ordinary soap, no hand sanitizer. Wash fruits and vegetables carefully and filter your drinking water.

• Do not eat raw and undercooked meat. Become a vegan for your health and the planet.

• Drink plenty of water to clean out the toxins.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!