How to reduce PMS symptoms

How to get rid of period pains!

Why do we have period pains and PMS? Is it normal? I would say NO. Yes it is normal that almost every girl suffers from them. But is it normal that we girls have to suffer once a month from something that is the most natural thing in the world, the menstruation? No I don’t think so. I believe that nature did not create the menstrual cycle to make us feel sick.

So what are we doing to our bodies that makes us suffer? What is wrong? First, it is nothing wrong with you, second we just have to listen to our body as it is clearly telling us something.

Menstruation is a sign of good health. Its hard to believe this sometimes when most of us suffers from PMS.  Unfortunately, The medical research around PMS is questionable. Every woman is different and there is no significant medical reasons of why women have PMS. There is not a treatment or theory and the standard medical approach of cause and cure is not working for women. 

But I can help you! how? Its all about your liver. If you suffer from PMS it is most certain your liver is working too hard. Mostly from a bad diet, alcohol, stress, polution and toxic environments. In another article that I previously written, I explain how to clean your liver. You can find it here. I recommend to read the article, because to have a clean liver is very important. If not, you might end up with other sickness and other dieseas.

But for now, I’m going to share with you a very easy way to get rid of the menstrual pain. There are many herbal remedies that can help you with your PMS pains. But im going to focus on one herb as this herb has helped me and many of my female friends. It is my favourite herb, Dandelion root. 

Dandelion root: A nutrient rich herb full of vitamin A, potassium and iron. Two cups of dandelion root tea a day helps to relieve many menstrual problems such as bloating, water retention, swollen breasts, muscle spasms, acne, anemia and inflammation.  

How does the root clean your liver? The dandelion root helps to excrete bile, which helps with liver detoxification.

Embracy your feminity and drink dandelion root tea everyday, 2 weeks before your period,  2-3 cups/ day . It’s as easy as that!

Love // Rebecca